Transforming a TV Unit picked up from a local recycling centre for £5 into a lovely piece of furniture to compliment any home!

Most council recycling centres have started re selling discarded furniture in the spare space they have available, we picked up this TV unit for £5!

While it was a little bashed up with a few knocks here and there, and the varnish had worn through, it looked like the perfect quick project to do on a rainy afternoon.

5pound tv stand

Getting Stuck In

As there was nothing flaking off with this unit, we could get stuck straight in!

After a quick wipe over with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water to clean off any contaminants, we started painting straight away.

For this project we used a 100ml tin of Chelston Meadow, and a 1L tin of Ashprington in our Vintage Furniture Paint.

To achieve a lighter tone on the top of the table, we mixed 1 part Chelston Meadow with 2 parts Ashprington, the easy way to do this is with a set of kitchen scales, and a clean jar or tub to mix the paint.  Just weigh out a bit of the Chelston Meadow, and put in twice as much Ashprington, then mix it all together.

For two coats of the lightened colour on the top, we used around 50ml of Chelston Meadow, and 100ml of Ashprington, the paint really does go a long way.

We painted the whole unit with 2 coats of paint, using the mixed Chelston Meadow and Ashprington on the top and on handles, and Ashprington on its own everywhere else.

After the paint had dried, we gave it a quick coat of our Vintage Furniture Wax and buffed it to a sheen. Here’s the result!

The whole project took less than 2 hours, allowing for coffee breaks while the paint was drying, and now we have a perfect little TV unit for our spare room!