This project comes courtesy of one of our customers, who repainted a pine dining chair using our Vintage Furniture Paint in Burrington.

The chair had previously been painted orange, as can be seen below. We’ll let Jayne take over from here with a quick description of how the project was done, along with a photo of the end result, which we absolutely love!

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Please find attached some before and after pics. I have to say I really enjoyed using the paint.
The process: I painted straight on top of the orange painted and waxed pine chair without any preparation (my brushes are similar to yours). I did not water it down for the first coat and the coverage was excellent. I left it to dry and then used a slightly watered down version for the second coat.
I have a tester pot of grey, which I painted some of the spindles with.
Finally, I have given it two coats of wax as chairs get a bit bashed, allowing each to dry before buffing with a cotton cloth rag. I use a kitchen sponge to apply the wax I find it easier. Jayne