How much paint will I need?
This very much depends on the furniture or wall you are painting. Some dark colour furniture for instance may need an extra coat. 1 Litre tin of Vintage Furniture Paint really does go a long way and will easily paint an entire chest of drawers twice with more to spare.
Can Vintage Furniture Paint be watered down?
The paint is water based so can easily be diluted with clean water. Diluting offers you the possibility of creating a colour wash finish. This will allow you to spray on your paint with a suitable spray gun. But please refer to the spray gun manufacturer’s recommended application.
What is bleed through that I keep reading about?
Some older types of furniture, usually pre-1930s or 1940s have old varnish, wax, polish or other tannins in the wood. Any furniture may have some wax or lacquer on it so advisable to paint a small test beforehand. These can stain through the paint after application. To sort these problems, it would be a good idea to clean your project with a solution of 50% white vinegar diluted with an equal amount of clean water prior to painting. Then apply a coat of our Acrylic Sealer. Once it has completely dried, apply your vintage furniture paint.
What can I paint with Vintage Furniture Paint?
You can paint glass, wood, plastics, tiles, pottery, laminated wood and metals. Rusty metals should have all rust removed, and a metal primer/sealer should be applied before painting.
Can I give my kitchen a new look?
Yes, you can. You must however ensure you thoroughly clean the surfaces you wish to paint. It is essential to remove all contaminates. Sugar Soap is ideal for this. Apply 2/3 coats of Vintage Furniture Paint. Then apply a coat of our Acrylic Lacquer. For shiny surfaces like laminates it may be advantageous to gently sand down (etch) the surface prior to painting this will allow the paint to adhere to the surface.
How many coats will I need to apply?
This once again depends on the colour of the surface you are painting and the type of surface. However, we would recommend a minimum of two coats, sometimes a third coat may be necessary but it depends on the look you are trying to achieve.
Can I paint items that have been previously painted?
Yes, this is fine but remember to sand down any flaking paint. Then thoroughly remove any debris.
Can I mix different colours of Vintage Furniture Paint together?
Yes, this is fine and would welcome you making your own shades. Go for it!
Do I need to seal Vintage Furniture Paint to protect it?
We recommend sealing the painted surface with our Vintage Furniture Wax or Acrylic Lacquer. This will give your project a fantastic finish, and protect it at the same time!
Are your products safe to paint on toys and children’s bedroom furniture?
Yes, Our Vintage Furniture Paint, Vintage Furniture Wax, Lacquer and Acrylic Sealer have been tested by an independent laboratory and are all compliant with EN71-3 which is the standard set for these products.
Does your paint contain low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Yes, our paint complies with the latest legislation and has low VOC content.
Does your paint smell?
No, our paint is almost odourless. It has no harsh chemicals.
Where can I buy Cherry Tree Paints Products?
You can purchase all our products directly from our website. However, we are building a network of distributors and these will be listed on our website soon.
How many colours are there?
We have 36 beautiful colours to choose from but we are developing more all of the time.